A pitch with artificial turf

A full-size artificial football pitch with lighting.

The pitch hosts league matches and trainings for local groups of children, youth and school groups.

The pitch is divided into 2 smaller pitches, which are used in the afternoon by the amateur league of football "sixes".

In addition, MOSiR conducts school games on smaller pitches in each school year, which are designed to select a city champion, both in primary, junior high and high school.

The facility has a modern sanitary building with five changing rooms, a referee's changing room and organisational rooms

Pitch parameters:

  • 60 x 90m pitch
  • artificial lighting,
  • training wall,
  • the pitch is permanently divided into 2 smaller pitches for football "sixes"

The pitch with artificial turf is used in autumn and winter and in the spring by Zielona Góra football clubs, participants of football "sixes" competitions, Zielona Góra schools and other football amateurs

Every year, the Coca-Cola CUP and Danone CUP provincial finals are played on the pitch.